Stories from behind the lens

I love what I do, I want to share that passion with the world. Please let me know what you think of the following posts....I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions :-)

The session that may have changed my mind about newborns

I'll be the first to admit I have struggled with shooting newborns. I am used to spending an hour with adults or teenagers and getting plenty of amazing images to select from during a normal shoot, the same can't be said with a newborn session. They call the shots, they are never asleep, and the photos you see in magazines or on Pinterest are staged and photoshopped...and the babies have to have been given sleeping pills or something. There have been times where I just felt like I was never going to get the shots I knew I could get.....that was until my session with this lil guy. After doing his business all over my dining room floor he fell fast asleep and I could shoot as long as I wanted. I almost didn't know what to do with this opportunity. But as you can see by the pics I took full advantage :-) 

The Many Talents Of Nathan Eli

Actor, Dancer, Painter, Model, Designer....Artist. To sum up the many talents of Sir Nathan Eli in one word is almost impossible. I have had the distinct privilege of seeing this man work his artistry first hand, and needless to say I am always impressed. Yet, with all of the amazing places his paintings hang, or the countless dance battles he has won he remains humble. Always trying to improve on his craft. I have been lucky enough to have worked with Nathan on several photography projects with each one being better than the last. His professionalism and drive to want to improve on what he did yesterday with what he is going to do tomorrow is inspiring. And for this I thank you.     

The Roper Family Journey

So, I received a call from a woman who said their photographer backed out on them just before their maternity session and I came highly recommended. I love to shoot maternity sessions, so I was happy to schedule the Ropers asap. Little did I know it would be the start of a 2 year photo journey. Next was Ruby's newborn photos, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and so on...until the good news that Ruby was gonna be a big sister to a little brother.....another maternity session and Rex's newborn session....after being there for all of these special moments I feel as if I am part of the Roper family :-)

A Model Engagement

As a photographer you get a chance to work with a lot of people. Some as young as a few days old, while others have a few years under their belt. Models, beginners, Seniors and athletes, brides, mothers....the list goes on. For some it's their first experience in front of the lens. This was not the case for Shonda and her beau Ryan. A matter of fact, it wasn't even the first time for her working with yours truly. Shonda has a wealth of experience working with several amazing photographers, so I was truly honored and thrilled when the lovely couple decided to choose me to capture their love in preparation for their upcoming wedding. I knew that I had to bring my A game when it came to shooting their engagement photos.....and that we all did. I felt like we couldn't take a bad photo during their that feeling. I thought I'd share a few of those shots for you to drool over....I mean look at these two love birds!!!!!

Feeling like Family

I LOVE shooting weddings, the prep work, scouting the location, the intimate details, getting to know the wedding party, the parents, and of course the happy couple.....but to have a couple say their photographer felt like family was a pretty amazing feeling! Seth and Charlie's day was hot and dry, but their wedding was far from that. They were as cool as a cucumber about their special day. And were so laid back and welcoming I DID feel like family. I had such a fun time shooting these two love birds :-) When Charlie surprised her new husband bu singing her version of Landslide it brought several people to tears......what an awesome moment to be able to be a part of and capture.....This is why I do what I do!!!! 

Best of luck you two :-)