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No sun, no problem




As most of you already know, part of what makes up my unique style is using the sun as a tool to give my images a warm tone. Well adjusting is one thing I have become pretty good at over the years and found myself digging into the ole bag of tricks to capture some amazing images for Jamie and Nate during their first maternity session last night. The sun was out all day until it came time to shoot. So instead of rescheduling I said, trust me I got this.  Using a technique I used for sunset photos I learned several years ago I created an intimate setting that really captured that baby bump unlike any maternity session I had done before. 

I was so excited when Jamie told me they were expecting and the conversation quickly turned to all the things I'd be taking pics of for them over the next bump pics, newborns, engagement photos and eventually capturing their wedding. I am so happy for this young couple who have such a bright future....and I get to capture each step of the way.....what an honor, and how fun!!!!