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K.I.S.S. (Keep It Small & Special)

So many weddings start with "Let's make a list of everyone we know" and usually include the line "we don't want to leave anyone out". Fair enough, I understand the thought behind that. I had the pleasure of capturing Amy and Kurt's special day a few weeks ago and they followed the KISS method. Keep It Small & Special. Immediate family only, no big frills, no unneeded decorations, or centerpieces, no photobooth, no problem. It was intimate, close, warm, welcoming, and most of all special. Amy took a few minutes to speak to the group about why each member that was there was special to them...this was a classy touch you would never see done in a room of 200 guests. I love a good party like the next guy, but on this day The kiss that Amy and Kurt shared to seal their vows wasn't the only KISS that fit this couple or their special day :-)