Stories from behind the lens

I love what I do, I want to share that passion with the world. Please let me know what you think of the following posts....I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions :-)

Persistence pays off......

Well folks the is my very first blog here we go :-) Let me first say I LOVE WHAT I DO and making people smile is a huge part of that. But what if no matter what you try one of your subjects just refuses to smile it can be hard to give your clients the types of photos they have seen other clients get and know you should be able to provide. Most people would get frustrated....I however, refuse to give up on my clients!!! After a few duck calls, some Elmo voices and several princess references we got that elusive smile to sneak out for this shot ;-) So, persistence (and doing impressions) pays off ....we all know you have to do whatever it takes to get "The Shot". So, a big thank you goes out the parents at this session who, though they were frustrated, are now happy I didn't give up on them!